Complete Hoarding Cleanup Services in Illinois

messy room in a house

Hoarding can either be an unfortunate side effect of time, or the effect of a mental illness left unchecked—either way, hoarding cleanup in Illinois is a massive undertaking that requires a tactful approach. Forensic Restoration Services is proud to provide cleanup for hoarding situations, assisting you in resolving the problem and restoring livability and cleanliness to the space.

The primary issues with remediation for a space where hoarding has occurred are several:

  • First, the overall amount of garbage is enough to make the scope of the cleanup incredible and daunting.
  • Second, the uncertainty of what’s buried within a hoarder’s collection can present potential biohazard concerns.
  • Third, remediation goes beyond simple trash removal and can involve a substantial amount of work in cleaning the actual space.

All of these concerns, combined with unique situational aspects—such as recent death or compromised premises—can result in a job that’s simply too big and expansive for your average cleanup crew. The techs at Forensic Restoration Services are specially trained for hoarding cleanup services in Illinois, allowing us to truly assess, approach and resolve hoarding with unmatched quickness and thoroughness.

Whether we’re working with loved ones cleaning up an estate, a psychologist assisting a hoarder in breaking their bonds or someone who, themselves, has recognized the need for expansive cleanup, we’re careful to respect every jobsite and client. We know that there’s a story behind every hoarding situation—we’re here to provide you with a much-needed solution, without the judgment that other remediation specialists may exhibit.

For more information about our abilities in working with hoarding situations or to inquire about our hoarding cleanup services in Illinois, please feel free to contact us today by calling (217) 254-6364. We’re happy to work with you to determine the scope and nature of the job, as well as any special considerations that may need to be taken into account.