Comprehensive Crime Scene Cleanup in Illinois

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Crime is messy, no matter the nature of the offense. From violent crimes that leave behind human contaminants, to drug-related crimes that involve chemical hazards and beyond, trust Forensic Restoration Services to properly approach your crime scene and remediate it with superior expertise.

We have a depth of experience in working across a variety of crime scenes with unique variables, and we take pride in quickly and thoroughly absolving your scene of any pathogens and contaminants when the investigation is through and the tape comes down. More, we understand the fundamental nature of crime scene cleanup and take care in being exceptionally professional in the way we handle our duties.

When it comes to the wide gamut of crime scene cleanup in Illinois, we’ve seen it all. As a result, we’re adept at working in a number of volatile situations, including those involving:

  • Homicide, suicide and unattended death cleanup: When a body is involved, precautions must be taken to ensure the premises are properly and thoroughly cleaned up, particularly in the area of the deceased. We clean comprehensively to eliminate any and all traces of death, no matter the nature of the passing.
  • Blood and bodily fluid cleanup: In instances of violent crime, blood and bodily fluids present unique and dangerous hazards. Pathogens of varying severities immediately become a concern and, if not cleaned appropriately, could linger. Our team scours the area to properly tackle blood and bodily fluids, neutralizing and eliminating them entirely.
  • Meth lab cleanup: Everything from the raw materials to the fumes within a meth lab are inherently dangerous, making it imperative to neutralize them and remove them from the area. Our team can safely handle areas contaminated by a meth lab, to make them once again safe for occupancy.

When you require thorough, precise and encompassing crime scene cleanups in Illinois, make sure you’re trusting none other than Forensic Restoration Services. Our experience and on-site presence makes us a reliable and thorough option when it comes to cleaning up the aftermath of virtually any crime scene.

For more information about our capabilities or to inquire about our experience, please contact us today by calling (217) 254-6364.