Your Biohazard Cleanup Service in Illinois

person holding a biohazard cleanup bag

Off-the-shelf cleaners and rudimentary cleaning techniques aren’t going to cut it when it comes to biohazard cleanup in Illinois. To ensure the area is safe and free of potentially devastating pathogens—blood borne, airborne or otherwise—make sure you’re contacting the professionals at Forensic Restoration Services.

As the premier biohazard cleanup specialists in Illinois, we offer unrivaled expertise when it comes to approaching and remediating biohazard situations. Our techs can assess the extent of contamination, provide the appropriate cleanup in the scope required and even help you eliminate lingering bio-waste products in accordance with OSHA and the EPA, as well as additional Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) groups.

Our abilities as a biohazard cleanup service in Illinois span the gamut of possible contamination situations, including the following common instances:

  • Odor removal and cleanup: Odor is more than just annoying—it’s a sign that lingering contamination is still present. We work to absolve your area of any and all odors, as well as whatever may be causing them.
  • Workplace accident cleanup: Commercial and industrial accidents can vary greatly in their severity and nature. From chemical spills to human waste concerns and beyond, we’re adept at quickly and thoroughly remediating these accidents to help put business back on track safely.
  • Sewage cleanup: Back-flowing effluent waste and raw human waste are incredibly infectious and immediately hazardous. We’re able to successfully quarantine an area, remove all traces of sewage waste and eliminate any potential lingering microbes or enzymes that may create biohazard concerns.

Our capabilities concerning biohazard cleanup in Illinois expand far beyond those listed above and encompass virtually any situation classified hazardous by a bio contaminant. For more information about our capabilities or to inquire about a unique solution to your biohazard concerns, please contact us today by calling (217) 254-6364.