Whom Should You Hire to Clean Up After a Homicide?

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While crime can be unpleasant to think about, it’s important to equip yourself with the knowledge of what to do if a homicide occurs in your home, place of business or other property that you might own. If you’re envisioning law enforcement and crime scene professionals arriving on the scene to keep the area secure and to look for traces of evidence, rather than the homeowner or property owner performing those tasks, you’re correct.

Beyond those tasks, though, who cleans up after a homicide? That responsibility should be left to forensic restoration professionals. They have the experience and training to perform these duties safely and thoroughly. Read on to learn why you should hire a professional to perform crime scene cleanup services in Illinois, should the need ever arise:

  • The professionals you hire will wear the proper safety gear: The forensic restoration specialists who perform cleanup services will wear personal protective equipment (PPE). You can expect to see them don biohazard suits, respiratory equipment and more than one set of gloves.
  • Hiring a forensic restoration professional protects your family and others present: Spilled blood can result in certain blood-borne illnesses for those who come into contact with it if it is not sanitized using proper techniques. The experts you hire will have received certification and training related to exposure to chemicals and blood-borne pathogens. They will be highly skilled in keeping you and others present safe and healthy while performing their tasks with a sense of respect and compassion.
  • Forensic restoration professionals will bring the proper sanitization supplies: Expect the professionals you hire to perform cleanup services to arrive with special cleaning products that are specifically created to be effective in this situation. After cleaning, they will perform a test of the newly cleaned area to determine whether any living organisms are still present. They will also perform additional tasks using their specialized skills and equipment so that they can inform you with certainty that an area is thoroughly clean and safe. After making this determination, they will use a deodorizer to ensure no unpleasant odors remain in the area.
  • Cross-contamination will be prevented: Because of the expertise of the professionals you hire, they will have extensive experience in how to separate the contaminated sections of a property from other areas of a home, business or other property. They will do this by setting up three zones (clean, buffer and control zones) by laying plastic sheeting and a specific kind of tape designed for this purpose.
  • Professionals will dispose of all materials safely: After fully performing all sanitization tasks, the forensic restoration experts will clear the area of any biohazardous materials (such as any items containing blood) and bring them to an approved site designed for the proper disposal of biohazardous materials.

That brings you up to speed on the necessity of crime scene cleanup services in Illinois should a homicide ever take place in your home, business or other property. If you are in need of a forensic restoration company you can trust, contact Forensic Restoration Services today for more information. We have the seasoned expertise you need and understand the volatility and hazards of unique contaminations.

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