Crime Scene Cleanup in Illinois After a Suicide

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Crime scene cleanup is a difficult, messy job in a number of ways. Not only do the crime scene cleanups themselves get quite messy, but dealing with the people who live or occupy the space in which the crime occurred can also be quite brutal.

This is especially true when the mess to clean up is the result of a suicide. Unfortunately, many suicides occur in family homes, which means family members are the first to find the deceased. While it might be difficult for people to ever look at the room where the suicide happened in the same way again, it is the responsibility of these cleanup crews to get the room thoroughly cleaned back to being as normal as possible for the grieving family.

Many people do not realize the family of the victim is responsible for arranging for crime scene cleanup in Illinois. Forensic Restoration Services is one of the only services providing this work in the state of Illinois, and is happy to be of assistance in your time of need.

The cleanup process

Crime scene cleaners typically start off their work when contacted by the victim’s family. However, they can also be contacted by government entities or coroner’s offices, depending on the circumstances surrounding the death. Cleaners are not allowed to enter the scene until after an investigation has been completed, so as not to disturb any potential evidence of a crime scene.

Suicide cases, however, are a little different. In most cases, law enforcement officials are able to rule out foul play relatively quickly, which means the process of investigating the scene and letting in the cleaners moves much faster than a case in which homicide is suspected. Still, police officers do have to do their due diligence, so family members must understand the timeline is out of a cleaner’s control.

However, the time that passes could add some challenges to the cleanup process itself, as any blood or other matter could seep further into carpets, walls, upholstery, etc.

Crime scene cleaners will typically work on the site in biohazard suits because of the potential contaminants and toxins at the site to ensure they do not place themselves in any unnecessary danger. There are extremely high standards of decontamination for cleaning up a scene—many of these same standards exist in the military. These precautions exist globally. If any biohazards are potentially present, cleaners may need to perform certain tests to confirm their nature and degree.

Unfortunately, depending on the method of suicide and the state of the scene, not everything in a given room can be saved. For example, blood-saturated carpets or upholstery likely will not be able to be cleaned sufficiently for further use. In every case, though, cleaners make every effort to restore as much of the room and its contents as possible so the family can get back to life as normal.

For more information about crime scene cleanup in Illinois, contact the expert staff at Forensic Restoration Services today.

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