Blood Removal During Crime Scene Cleanup in Illinois

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At Forensic Restoration Services, we are called to clean up a wide variety of crime scenes, including homicides, suicides, overdoses and more. Each type of scene poses a unique set of challenges, but one of the largest challenges remains consistent across all of them: exactly how do you fully clean up and sanitize areas that have been covered in blood?

It is certainly not an easy process, though there are some cases in which services for crime scene cleanup in Illinois are not necessary. Our general standard is that if the amount of blood or the size of the spill is smaller than an average dinner plate, a person can perform the blood cleanup themselves so long as they are wearing the proper protective gear, use the appropriate tools and partake in legally approved methods of disposal.

However, larger blood spills require one to follow specific protection guidelines, which, in most cases, mean one must have been trained in safety equipment, blood-borne pathogens and other hazardous communications protocols. Therefore, all access to the area must be restricted until the blood has been cleaned up and removed, and the area has been fully sanitized.

How it works

Many people have misconceptions of how the crime scene cleanup process actually works. Unfortunately, you cannot truly “clean” blood out of carpet, upholstery or other porous types of materials. In fact, most carpet cleaning companies do not even attempt to remove blood, as it could potentially contaminate their equipment, which would then pose a risk to other homeowners who hire them in the future.

Instead, cleaning blood spills involves some rigorous scientific procedures, including biohazard removal, which is the cutting away of affected carpet and flooring and disposing of it via legal medical waste depositories. We will also perform structural remediation on the area to ensure all subflooring and structures are fundamentally sound, and then completely disinfect all infected areas and any areas adjacent that may or may not have been affected themselves. Once we’re done with these processes, we perform certain scientific tests on the area to make sure there is not any biological material left in the space, which could lead to either odor, damage or health risks over time.

This entire process requires crime scene cleanup crews to be extremely careful and meticulous. The utmost care is needed to ensure not only that all of the hazardous material is removed from the crime area, but also that it does not somehow get transported to new areas through careless transportation or improper disposal.

This process is the same for all types of crime scenes, but can become more or less complicated depending on the type of crime, the size of the crime scene, the amount of blood and a variety of other factors. We perform work for all types of suicides and homicides, industrial accidents, mass traumas, medical situations, vehicle accidents and more.

For more information about crime scene cleanup in Illinois or to discuss the services we provide, contact the team at Forensic Restoration Services today.

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